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Specialized in national and international employment mediation

We have a wide range of job seekers from Italy, Portugal and Spain for the position of registered nurse.
We bring employers in the Netherlands who are looking for suitable candidates into contact with these job seekers. For example, we coordinate supply and demand for specialized workers from both countries.


Over 25 years of experience in temporary employment, secondment and recruitment & selection.

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South Europe

An extensive knowledge of the
South European labor market

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Talent is everywhere in Europe,
but we know where to find it!

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Our Advantages

Why you choose for EMTG!

Over 30 years of experience

Since 1986 experience in temporary employment, secondment and recruitment & selection on the Dutch market


Knowledge of the Dutch labour market

An extensive knowledge of the European labor market in the Care and Cure sectors


Promotion, recruitment, employment

Promoting, recruiting, selecting and employing highly skilled candidates. We also match candidates on vacancies that are difficult to fill.


Transparent and strict selection

A transparent way of working & setting high quality standards


European talent

Intensive guidance for our European employees (mentoring, accommodation, commuting, and intensive language training). We also provide assistance in understanding  the  Dutch culture.


What characterizes our organization?

The structural alignment of the demand for qualified personnel for the Dutch labor market with the European supply of highly skilled workers. The spearhead is the availability of highly skilled European workers based on unemployment in these work areas.

  • Arnold Smeink Arnold Smeink Managing director
    M: 0031 653372256
    E: arnoldsmeink@emtg.nl
  • Gea Wortelboer Gea Wortelboer Trainer/coach
    T: 0031 651261356
    E: geawortelboer@emtg.nl
  • Eleonora Gambacorta Eleonora Gambacorta Contactpersoon Italië
    M: 0039 320 410 70 69
    E: eleonoragambacorta@emtg.it
  • Angelo Hiraldo Vos Angelo Hiraldo Vos Manager Operations
    M: 0031 655000160
    E: angelohiraldovos@emtg.nl
  • Elena Esteve Miró Elena Esteve Miró Talent Acquisition Specialist, Spanje
    M: 0034 630358723
    E: elenaestevemiro@emtg.es
  • Ana Bezerra da Silva Ana Bezerra da Silva Recruit Coördinator the Netherlands
    Talent Acquisition Specialist, Portugal
    M: 0031 640075603
    E: anasilva@emtg.nl
  • Dorien Joosse Dorien Joosse Office manager
    M: 0031 852101430
    E: dorienjoosse@emtg.nl
  • Sara Roncero Muiña Sara Roncero Muiña Talent Coach, Madrid Spain
    M: +34 627 67 53 11
    E: sararoncero@emtg.nl
  • Ria Besselink Ria Besselink Coach
    M: +31 682 05 98 39
    E: riabesselink@emtg.nl
  • Heleen Blackstone Heleen Blackstone Coach and Recruiter Coordinator
    M: +31 611 17 33 23
    E: heleenblackstone@emtg.nl
  • Linda M. Bravo Linda M. Bravo International Marketing and Communications Officer
    M: +31 852 10 14 30
    E: lindabravo@emtg.nl

Welcome in Holland !!

Thank you for showing your interest in the care for the Netherlands. The Netherlands has one of the best functioning healthcare systems in the world. Do you want to be part of it?
Six years ago, the entire health care system was organized by the Dutch government. The goal was to make the care more efficient and to provide care at a lower price. Everyone in the Netherlands can now afford good health. A good example for the rest of Europe.
Working as a nurse in the Netherlands means working in modern buildings and with the latest techniques. The main goal for us as an employer is to help you become independent.
We let you work in the right place to help you develop your personality and your technical skills. To begin with, we teach you a new language, Dutch. In the Netherlands you do not have to speak the highest level of our language. For example: in the United Kingdom you have to reach level C1 (IELTS 7) and in the Netherlands level B1 is sufficient. B1 is a reasonable level to communicate. 90% of the nurses who do the exam for IELTS 7 do NOT pass exam and eventually will not work as a nurse. In the Netherlands you have more opportunities to become a nurse.
The Netherlands is a beautiful country with open-minded people and a multicultural society.
You get the same salary as your Dutch colleagues and you do the same tasks as a Dutch registered nurse. Do you like to study and specialize on a higher level? no problem in the Netherlands.
The name of our company means: reuniting the nurses of Europe and helping the nurses to develop their talents.
Take a look at our website and get answers to all your questions.
Do I have the honor to welcome you in our beautiful country?
Arnold Smeink
Director EMTG


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  • Aug
Uncategorized Arnold Smeink

Welcome Gaby! A Spanish Nurse in the Netherlands

Cycling was no problem for her. Every morning she would freewheel down a hill in Alicante to get to the station where she would take a bus to her university. Now Gaby Ichaso (24, a Spanish nurse,  rides her bicycle with a smile over the Marsman square in Haarlem on her way to her job […]

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Spanish nurses in the Netherlands Uncategorized Vincent Bijman

Say ‘Sí’ to Spanish Nurses in the Netherlands!

In order to solve the growing shortage of personnel in the Netherlands, more and more Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Greek nurses are coming to the Netherlands. The healthcare recruitment agency European Multi Talent Group (EMTG) from Naarden expects a significant increase in the number of foreign nurses working in the Netherlands. The agency has already […]

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  • Aug
Nieuws Vincent Bijman

Even more Spanish nurses will start working in the Netherlands

The number of Spanish nurses working for Dutch healthcare companies will increase fourfold by the end of 2019, according to Arnold Smeink, director of the European Multi Talent Group (EMTG) “The possibility of the creation of a wasted generation of Spanish nurses posed a major threat to our established healthcare systems”, Smeink explains when elaborating […]

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