Dutch Healthcare System

The Dutch healthcare sector

The Dutch healthcare sector requires nurses and caretakers who possess a certain amount emotional intelligence and who care about the patients they work with. Due to a series of negative changes in the healthcare sector in the past three years, the general mentality has shifted its focus from the patients and care, to one centred on profitability and commerciality. Our healthcare system now lacks the human approach found in nurses and caretakers from Southern Europe. Countries such as Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece are true paragons of cultures in which the elderly are most respected and were traditionally cared for. The mentality of giving warmth and care to customers of the healthcare sector is therefore one that is ingrained in the minds of the nurses coming from Southern Europe. Thus, European Multi Talent Group Health Care BV wishes to introduce this way of providing care in the Netherlands and is determined to increase the quality of the care provided, instead of only making it more expensive.

Differences Portugal – The Netherlands

The healthcare sectors in the Netherlands and Portugal are organised very differently. Unlike the Portuguese government, the Dutch government does not pay for the care provided in the Netherlands. The costs of providing healthcare are paid for by the cooperation between insurance companies and local governments. All Dutch citizens are therefore required to have private insurance and thus have access to a basic care package. On the other hand, the Portuguese healthcare system provides a public service for all. However, one can also obtain private insurance for healthcare in Portugal.

If you would like to know more about the success of the programme and the experiences of other foreign nurses in the Netherlands, please read the news article below in which Gaby, a Spanish nurse, tells us about her experiences.

An equal life
The European Multi Talent Group Health Care BV as a company understands that foreign applicants have difficulties gaining a foothold in the Netherlands. To facilitate this, the European Multi Talent Health Care Group BV offers an environment in which candidates can work and live with the goal of achieving full integration into Dutch society. Thus, by working for EMTG in the Netherlands you will receive both financial compensation (through the EURES programme) and be treated equally to your Dutch colleagues. Hence, our theme is ‘financial compensation and equal living circumstances.’

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