What kind of nurse are you looking for?

We are constantly hiring different kind of nurses as our clients have different needs. Based on your experience, you will be assigned accordingly. If you possess less than 3 years of experience, you can start in geriatrics (nursing home, home-care, and/or at a geriatrics health centre). After a year of working, and depending on your Dutch language skills, you can be relocated to a hospital.  If you have, at least, 3 years of experience, you can work in one of the following departments: Intensive Care, Rehabilitation, Operation Room, Neonatal, or Anesthetic.


What is the process of the application process?

Our process is very simple. First you send us your CV to recruitment@emtg.nl , then we will offer you an interview via Skype or in person. If accepted, then you will soon travel to Academia Neerlandesa where you will learn Dutch in 3 months. Upon the end of your courses in Spain, you will travel to the Netherlands to start working.


Do I have to go to the Netherlands for the interview?

No. Since our nurses come from all over Europe, our interviews are via Skype and in some cases in person.


I have nursing studies but not from Europe, can I still apply?

In order to apply to EMTG, your nursing studies have to be from a European university. If not, they must be recognized by a European entity and you must possess a Dutch work permit or a European citizenship.


I live in the Netherlands and I have a European nursing diploma; do I still have to go to Spain to learn Dutch?

No. We can help you learn Dutch without leaving the country.


In what language does my CV has to be?

Please submit your CV in English, preferably.


Financial Support


Do you offer any scholarships/funds?

We do not offer any scholarships as you might be a certified nurse with a European degree in order to work in the Netherlands. However, we are part of the European Union projects like EURES, Your First Europe Job, REACTivate, and the European Youth Portal that provide financial support.


What is EURES?

EURES is a program that was created by the European Union to give incentive and help people to relocate to another country.  The objective of the platform helps European job seekers find a job within the EU but outside their hometown. Within EURES, there are 3 projects which you can use: Your First Europe Job, REACTivate and the European Youth Portal that provide financial support.

Depending on your age, you can qualify to one of these projects and they will provide you financial support €1,050 euros for relocation purposes and will cover the cost for the logistics of finding a job such as: traveling for a job interview, translation of documents, etc.

For more information visit: https://ec.europa.eu/eures/public/en/eures-services


How do I apply?

Once hired, we will assist you in this process. You will need to do your registration on the EURES website and together with Matias (our EURES advisor from Italy), we will help you to do all the steps necessary to get the money.



Academia Neerlandesa

General questions.


What are the costs to attend the Academia Neerlandesa?

There is an entrance fee of €200 and a cost of €255 for books. The cost of the entrance will be refundable either to Reactivate Job, European Youth Portal or Your First Europe Job. The cost of the books is your investment for the project.


Why is the academy in Spain?

Since the origins of European Multi Talent Group (EMTG) Health Care history, nurses have lived and learned Dutch in the Spanish Coast. Since September 2018, EMTG has an exclusive partnership with the Academia Neerlandesa. The reason: we attract many nurses from all around Europe and we believe studying and living in a sunny place will make you focus and learn quicker when surrounded by a nice atmosphere.


Can my family come and visit me?

Yes, your family can come to visit you to Spain; however, they won’t be able to stay with you in the Academia Neerlandesa. Also, remember that the schedule during the weekdays will be very tight.


Can I work on my free time?

We highly recommend not to work during your time in the Academia Neerlandesa as you will be part of an intensive language course.




How much do I have to pay for housing in Spain?

Housing and food in the Academia Neerlandesa are free of charge for the duration of the course, 3 months.


Where is the academia located?

The Academia Neerlandesa is located in Costa Blanca, Spain. The address is Calle Barcelona 29, 03730 Javea, Alicante, Spain.


Will I have my private room?

The Academia Neerlandesa only offers accommodation in shared bedrooms with other EMTG nurses.


Do I need to take a pillow/blankets?

The Academia Neerlandesa will provide you with these items. However, you are welcome to bring your own.


How many people live in the Academia Neerlandesa?

Only EMTG nurses are allowed to live in the Academia Neerlandesa. The total amount of EMTG nurses living in the Academia Neerlandesa can vary from 15 to 45 at the same time. However, this number changes every 2 weeks.


Are classes mandatory?

Classes are mandatory in order to work in the Netherlands. Unless you are fluent in Dutch, you are exempt.


When do classes begin?

The Dutch classes in Spain, begin every first and third Monday of each month.


What is the schedule for classes?

Consider that a 3-month intensive course will require 90% of your time. Classes are Monday to Saturday for 6-8 hours a day. Classes usually begin at 9 am and end around 5 pm. You will have several breaks throughout the day, including lunchtime. However, in the evenings you will have to continue individual virtual learning lessons. On Sunday will be your day off to explore the beaches along the Costa Blanca.  (A detailed scheduled will be given to you once you start at the Academia Neerlandesa).


Where are the teachers from?

All teachers are from different regions from the Netherlands and Belgium.


Do teachers speak other languages than Dutch?

All teachers in Spain speak fluent Dutch and English, and basic Spanish.


Do I have to purchase any books in advance?

No, the Academia Neerlandesa will provide you the necessary books on the first day of class. However, you will have to pay €255 to cover the cost of the books.


How much are the courses?

The price for the course is €1500, including the €200 entrance fee.


Who pays for the courses?

The European project will help cover up to 100% of the course.

Job in the Netherlands


In what city will I work in the Netherlands?

Our clients are all over the Netherlands, you will know the city on the first 45 days of your intensive Dutch course. That is approximately 2 months prior to coming to the Netherlands.


In what kind of places will I work?

Depending on your nursing experience and your Dutch language level, you will be assigned to work in elderly care, home-care, nursing home, psychogeriatric, somatic, hospitals, etc.


When will I know for what company will I work in the Netherlands?

You will be informed about your future Dutch employer 2 months prior to coming to the Netherlands.


How many hours will I work?

In the Netherlands, the healthcare sector works a maximum of 36 hours. We will provide you a contract with a minimum of 32 hours a week with the possibility to work a maximum of 36 hours.


When do I move to the Netherlands?

After the conclusion of your 3-month intensive Dutch course, you will have (approx.) 2 weeks to travel to your hometown prior to arriving in the Netherlands.


Labour Conditions

What would my salary be?

Your salary depends on the knowledge, experience, and job position.  To learn more about Dutch taxes, visit www.thetax.nl


How many holidays will I have?

You will have a minimum of 24 days for holidays.


How many hours will I have to work?

In the Netherlands, the healthcare sector works a maximum of 36 hours. We will provide you a contract with a minimum of 32 hours a week with the possibility to work a maximum of 36 hours.


What shifts will I have to work?

Your shifts can vary as they can be in the morning, afternoon, and/or evening.


Living in the Netherlands


Will you provide housing in the Netherlands?

We can assist you in finding a place in the Netherlands, but you will be responsible for paying the monthly rent.


Can my family join me in the Netherlands?



Will someone pick me up upon my arrival?

Yes, upon your arrival your Coach will pick you up.


What is the weather like in the Netherlands?

The weather in the Netherlands varies from season to season, yet it is very unpredictable. In the summer it can reach up to 30 C while in the winter it can be 0 C.  Check this graph for reference.

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