We at European Multi Talent Health Care Group are passionate about our work in mediating between executives and qualified candidates for important positions in various sectors.

Why contact us?

We have:

  • More than 30 years of experience in employing, allocating, selecting and recruiting in the Dutch market.
  • A broad knowledge of the Portuguese labor market.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide jobs to European unemployed nurses on the Dutch healthcare sector. We aim to provide a good quality of health care to our clients, to contribute to a high job satisfaction for our EMTG nurses, and to demonstrate respect to the cultural background of the EMTG nurses.

This is achieved through our style of professional management:

We at EMTG:

  • Promote, select, recruit and place highly qualified candidates.
  • Recruit candidates for vacancies at Dutch healthcare companies.
  • Implement a transparent way of working.
  • Involve high-quality standards.
  • Provide intensive support for our European candidates (tutors, accommodation, intensive language teaching).
  • Offer advice and knowledge of the Dutch culture by introducing candidates for organizing and organizing excursions to cities.


  • Our knowledge allows us to operate according to the WAADI law (allocation of Workers by Intermediaries).
  • Contracts are based on the categories of an agreement set by contracting employers or collective labor agreements.
  • European Multi Talent Health Care Group is a member of the SNA (Foundation for Professional Labor Standards) and works with the NEN-4400-1, the Netherlands Standardization Table.
  • All employees will start contributing to pension schemes after only 6 months of labor