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Dialysis nurse

As a dialysis nurse you treat chronic patients several times a week for a longer period of time. You often build up an intensive relationship with these patients.

In addition, there is the dynamics of acute care in emergency dialysis and outside dialysis (in other departments, such as intensive care, medium care, recovery or cardiac monitoring), which is about 20% of your work. This diversity makes the work extra challenging. Your shift consists of a variety of activities including nursing, working with technical equipment, advising on nutrition and coaching in dealing with illness.

As a team member you actively contribute to the quality development of our nursing care. You will have plenty of opportunities to follow professional training courses.

The hospital offers you a nice place in a close-knit nursing team with about 25 colleagues. The hospital has day shifts (from 07:30 to 16:00) and evening shifts (from 12:30 to 21:00), both on weekdays and on weekends. The certified dialysis nurses work on-call services for acute dialysis after the evening shift and on weekends. We work closely together in our team and are self-organizing as much as possible.

In the nephrology department, the hospital diagnoses and treats kidney diseases linked to scientific research and training. The department consists of an outpatient clinic, a day treatment department, a dialysis department and a nursing department. The hospital focuses on top referral patient care, patient-related and fundamental research and training in a multidisciplinary context. In the dialysis department, it offers various forms of renal replacement therapies, such as center hemodialysis, (pediatric) peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis. The hospital treats patients of all ages who require complex care, such as dialysis after kidney transplantation and plasma filtration. As a department they are JCI certified (Joined Commission International). We work hard on a continuous improvement culture.

You are an EU certified nurse (bachelor degree) with at least 1 year of experience in dialysis nursing.

You like to treat chronic patients and you can deal with acute situations well.

You are driven, flexible and work well both independently and together.

Preferably you have broad experience with renal replacement therapies. Because the department is an academic department, it is important that you are enthusiastic about contributing to innovation, scientific research and training.
Starting salary (as an assistant nurse) will be between €2044 and €2464 based on 36 hours work week (excluding irregular hours) and when obtaining the Dutch nurse registration (BIG) in The Netherlands, between €2526 and €3505 based on 36 hours work week (excluding irregular hours).

We also offer a holiday allowance of 8,3% of the annual income.

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