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Dialysis nurse


The Netherlands has a very high developed healthcare system. Working in The Netherlands means that you will contribute to a healthcare system in the Top 5 of the world. Because of the changing population in The Netherlands (less young people and lots of old ones) needs the country a big number of bachelor educated nurses.

The hospitals of The Netherlands are public and private. Together the hospitals wants to invest in an extra education program for highly skilled nurse positions on the departments OR, ICU, CC, and ER. Especially for the citizens of the European Union the hospitals of The Netherlands can offer education free of charge and very well paid salaries. The National Plan will start in the second half of 2023 with the education of dialyses therapists for the area of North-West of Holland. For this area we want to meet 80 experience nurses who likes to learn and work in The Netherlands.

About activities of a dialysis nurse:

As a dialysis nurse you treat chronic patients several times a week for a longer period of time. You often build up an intensive relationship with these patients. In addition, there is the dynamics of acute care in emergency dialysis and outside dialysis (in other departments, such as intensive care, medium care, recovery or cardiac monitoring), which is about 20% of your work. This diversity makes the work extra challenging. Your shift consists of a variety of activities including nursing, working with technical equipment, advising on nutrition and coaching in dealing with illness.

As a team member you actively contribute to the quality development of our nursing care. You will have plenty of opportunities to follow professional training courses. The hospital offers you a nice place in a close-knit nursing team with about 25 colleagues. The hospital has day shifts (from 07:30 to 16:00) and evening shifts (from 12:30 to 21:00), both on weekdays and on weekends.

The certified dialysis nurses work on-call services for acute dialysis after the evening shift and on weekends. We work closely together in our team and are self-organizing as much as possible

We ask

· Registered nurses in an EU-country

· Working experience at the department IC, CC, Nephrology, OR or ER

· Preferably you have broad experience with renal replacement therapies. Because the department is an academic department, it is important that you are enthusiastic about contributing to innovation, scientific research and training.

· Learning ability for a new language (Dutch) and for a new specialism (dialyses)

· Flexibility

· Good level of English

· Technical skills

We offer

· A permanent job at an Academic or Top-Clinical Hospital

· Normal salary during the internship and education period (euro 30.700 – euro 42.100)

· High salary (scale FWG50) after graduation (euro 39.000 – euro 56.7000

· Living close to the Amsterdam area

· Free education program for dialyses nurse

· Free language course “Dutch language and culture”

· Nurse registration in The Netherlands

· Support for immigration and social wellbeing

· Intensive introduction program

· Extra payment of a month salary in the month of May

· Extra payment of a month salary at the end of the year

· 25 paid holidays

· We also offer a holiday allowance of 8,3% of the annual income.


This is the opportunity for you to start your international career with a free specialization in the area of dialysis in the best health system in the world.

If you fit the profile described above, send your CV to recruitment@emtg.nl today!


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