Salary & Conditions

Labor Conditions

  1. Annual Salary:

Assistant Nurse (FWG35):  €25.000 up to €30.000
Registered Nurse (FWG45): €29.000 up to €34.000
(Annual salary consist of a 36 hours basic salary + irregular hours + 8% holiday money)
This is a basic salary according to the collective labor agreement of nurses in Holland.

  1. Irregular hours:

For working hours in the evenings and in the weekends, you get paid extra above the basic salary. Evening hours during the week 22% (from 20.00-22.00pm) and night hours 44% extra (from 22.00-07.00am).Hours on Saturday (06.00-08.00am and from 12.00-22.00pm) 38% extra and night hours (22.00-06.00am) 49% extras, Sunday hours 60% extra

  1. Tax:

Approximately 25%

  1. Working week:

Between 32-36 hours.

  1. Contract period:

14 months in the start.

  1. Holidays:

24 holiday days a year (for 36 hours a week). These days are paid. You build up these holidays hours on a monthly basis.


EURES (European Employment Services) is a cooperation network formed by public employment services within the European Union.

In association with the European Union and thus EURES, EMTG can offer several benefits to Nurses from the EU. Next to information about job offers, advice about relocation and guidance, EURES provides with financial benefits;

–          Relocation allowance up to € 1.050,=
–          Language course up to € 1.500,=
–          Recognition of qualifications up to € 400,

Together with our help and assistance we will guide you to obtain these financial benefits.

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