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This program is for qualified nurses and assistant nurses who decide to embark their career in the Netherlands. This program provides jobs for nurses and assistant nurses at a Dutch health care institution, Dutch language lessons, pick up from airport, support on the field, guidance towards obtaining the Dutch nurse registration, among other services.


Are you a recent nurse graduate or an experienced nurse seeking for a better work-life balance?
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Nurse Assistant


Meet some EMTG healthcare professionals

“What motivated me to migrate was the growing possibility and training as a nurse”

Helena Q, 24 years old, Spain.

“What I like most about the Netherlands is the organization. In general, it is a super organized country, it is incredible”

Diana P., 23 years old, Portugal.

“In the Netherlands nurses have more autonomy and the hierarchy is horizontal, meaning that all professional figures collaborate, while maintaining their role”

Daniela G., 32 years old, Italy.

“If you are considering working abroad this is a good program to get started. You get to learn the language, you get a job, you get support during this adventure and get to know amazing people that share your interesses.”

Ana B. 24 years old, Spain

“Here, my salary, my experience, my specialization and financial rewards grow every year.”

Elena, C., Italy

“I will not say it is easy to leave your family because it is not, but it is worth the move. I am happy and proud of the decision I took with EMTG”

Inês R., Portugal

“The possibility to work in a recognised profession with a manageable workload and the possibility to have a healthy work-life balance is a great benefit”

Ana B. 24 years old, Spain


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