Medical Doctor in Training to Become a General Practitioner 

As a healthcare professional, your passion lies in providing care and making a positive impact on people’s health. You understand that this mission has no limits. If you have clicked on this vacancy, it is likely because you are seeking: 

  • Better salary conditions? 
  • Experience abroad? 
  • Professional stability? 
  • Good life-work balance? 
  • Professional growth? 

 If you answered yes to all the above, then this job opportunity in the Netherlands is well-suited for you! 

 A General Practitioner serves as the primary medical specialist for patients seeking assistance with complaints, illnesses, or conditions. This role demands a comprehensive understanding of various diseases and disorders, requiring the ability to maintain an overview of each patient’s situation. As the initial point of contact, General Practitioners assess the severity of complaints and may refer patients to specialized medical professionals, effectively acting as gatekeepers or coordinators for the healthcare system. 

Your profile: 

  • Diploma: Doctor of Medicine obtained in an EU/EAA country. 
  • EU nationality. 
  • Experience as a GP. 
  • Willing to learn under supervision. 
  • At least A2 level of English. 

Responsibilities of a Medical Doctor in Training to Become a General Practitioner: 

  • In this role, a Medical Doctor performs similar duties to a General Practitioner while working under their supervision. The collaborative approach alleviates work pressure within the practice, enabling a quicker response to patients’ needs. Key responsibilities include: 
  • Conducting consultations and home visits. 
  • Assessing patient problems, complaints, and requests for help. 
  • Referring patients to specialists for diagnostics or treatment. 
  • Explaining patients’ conditions. 
  • Collaborating with medical specialists. 
  • Prescribing medications. 
  • Performing minor medical procedures. 
  • Conducting preventive care and advising on nutrition, smoking cessation, and exercise. 
  • Monitoring risks, including those with chronic diseases. 
  • Requesting and analyzing laboratory or diagnostic tests. 
  • Providing palliative and terminal care. 
  • Maintaining electronic patient files. 
  • Collaborating with supporting disciplines. 

Training Process for Medical Doctor to Become General Practitioner: 

  • Obtain BIG registration. 
  • Start as a medical doctor (basic doctor) and work under supervision. 
  • Engage in a bi-annual general practitioner training program with internships in various disciplines, including general practice, nursing homes, hospitals, and mental health institutions. 
  • Gain exposure to diverse disciplines within the practice, enhancing overall knowledge. 

Employment conditions: 

  • Annual salary in accordance with the Dutch Collective Labor Agreement. 
  • 25 vacation days (based on 36 hours per week). 
  • Holiday Pay and Year-End bonus. 
  • Free Dutch language course, accommodation, and meals at Academia Neerlandesa. 
  • Cultural and professional experience. 
  • A European network of health care professionals. 

About us: 

At EMTG, our mission is to connect European healthcare professionals with Dutch healthcare institutions. Since 2012, we have successfully placed more than 900 European nurses and assistant nurses at over 30 Dutch healthcare institutions. In 2020, we were awarded as the ‘Best Nursing Staffing & Recruitment Company – Netherlands’ by Global Health and Pharma Magazine. 

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