Our vision is to contribute to reducing the shortage of healthcare
personnel in the Netherlands.

At EMTG, our mission is to connect European healthcare professionals
with Dutch healthcare institutions. Since 2012, we have successfully
placed more than 900 European nurses and assistant nurses at over
30 Dutch healthcare institutions. In 2020, we were honored as
the ‘Best Nursing Staffing & Recruitment Company – Netherlands’
by Global Health and Pharma Magazine.


We have established the EMTG program to facilitate a smoother integration of EU healthcare professionals into a  new job, the Dutch language, and The Netherlands as their home.  Our program offers:  


  • Job security; 
  • Dutch language lessons; 
  • Support during the first year in the Netherlands; 
  • Job mentoring 
  • Guidance toward obtaining Dutch nurse registration; 
  • Assistance in finding housing; 
  • And other services required to help qualified nurses and assistant nurses choose to pursue their careers in the Netherlands.  


The program commences with a job interview. Once accepted, you will travel to Academia Neerlandesa and commence a 3–4 months Dutch language and cultural course. Upon completion, you will relocate to the Netherlands to commence work in the Dutch healthcare system. There are no costs associated with joining this program.

Dutch Language and Culture

As a healthcare professional in the Netherlands,  communication in Dutch is crucial. Therefore, we collaborate with Academia Neerlandesa.  This is a Dutch language school for medical professionals, located in Spain. This partnership aims to equip the healthcare professional with the language skills necessary to achieve an intermediate level of proficiency in Dutch. This proficiency will enable the professional to engage in daily activities and interact with clients once arrived in the Netherlands. 

During this  approximately 4-month period the health care professional will reside at the school, benefiting from complimentary accommodation and meals. The stay at Academia Neerlandesa also includes participation in Dutch holiday activities such as King’s Day or Sinterklaas.