Academia Neerlandesa

How much does a Dutch language course cost?

The course is free! You will only need to pay for your books.

How long does the language course last?

3-4 months, depending on your profession.

In what language is the course taught?

Classes are taught in English; thus, it is necessary to possess an A2 English level.


Are there hidden recruitment fees?


What kind of nurses do you recruit?

We mainly recruit registered nurses and assistant nurses. However, you can visit our Jobs Page to check out our other open job vacancies as these vary. 

How many health professionals have you recruited so far?

Over 500 nurses

Does your company provide support even after landing in the Netherlands?

Yes, language, integration, and job support are available for you during your contract duration. 

From what countries do you recruit?

We recruit nurses from all EU/EAA member states and assistant nurses from Spain (TCAE), Italy (OSSS), and Greece. 

CV and Requirements

Can I work in the Netherlands only with post-secondary health school?


Is there a minimum contractual period?

The duration is 18 months with the possibility of extension

Do we need to have experience?

It is not necessary, but it represents an advantage

How long does it take since I send the CV and I start working?

After doing the interviews ( and collect the neccesary papers), you will start the Dutch course at Academia neerlandesa and after 3 or 4 months you will start working in the Netherlands.

Where do I have to send my CV?

You can send your cv to recruitment@emtg.nl or visit our website emtg.nl/jobs