The European Multi Talent Group (EMTG) aims to connect EU healthcare professionals with Dutch healthcare. Since 2012, we have recruited over 900 nurses and nursing assistants from more than 10 different countries. In 2020, GHP’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards named us the Best Nursing Recruitment and Staffing Company in the Netherlands.

Your profile: 

Belgium, known for its high-quality healthcare system, multicultural society, and excellent standard of living, offers a fantastic environment for nurses seeking new horizons. Belgium boasts a respected healthcare system with state-of-the-art facilities, advanced medical technology, and a strong emphasis on patient care and safety. As a nurse in Belgium, you will have the opportunity to work alongside qualified healthcare professionals and make a significant difference in patients’ lives.


A.S.Z. provides high-quality medical and nursing care at three locations: Aalst, Geraardsbergen, and Wetteren. Each campus has its own identity within A.S.Z. The Aalst Campus is designated as a high-specialization acute campus.

The Geraardsbergen Campus is a primary acute specialization campus with many specialized clinics, and the Wetteren Campus has a strong identity as a rehabilitation campus.

All three campuses have specialized emergency rooms with MUG function. Additionally, Aalst and Geraardsbergen have specialized radiology and dialysis services. The three campuses also have outpatient clinics offering nearly all medical specialties.


Location: Aalst Campus – Belgium

Departments: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, and Operating Room

What would be your role as a nurse in these areas:

· As a nurse in these departments, you are part of a multidisciplinary team that includes physicians, aides, nurses, and physical therapists from the cardiac rehabilitation unit.

· You ensure a comfortable and pleasant stay for patients by providing assistance, guidance, and professional care. You work according to the procedures and protocols of each department.

· You are responsible for providing comprehensive care to assigned patients.

· You perform nursing techniques according to hospital training and general guidelines (procedure book and departmental notes).

· You observe and evaluate patients’ conditions and maintain records in the electronic nursing dossier.

· You carefully monitor patients’ parameters.

· When necessary, you will interpret patients’ ECG data.

· You possess extensive technical skills.

· You actively support and assist patients according to their physical, psychological, and social needs.

· You provide information to patients and understand to what extent family members and caregivers can be informed.

· You accurately convey patient information to colleagues.

· You ensure patient safety and contribute to the provision of quality care.

· This list is not exhaustive. The role may also include tasks assigned by administration not listed here, including providing support to colleagues and other departments.

What we expect from you:

· You can collaborate and work as a team.

· You prioritize patient- and family-centered care.

· Flexibility, attention to detail, and a sense of responsibility are important characteristics for you.

· You are open to continuous education and development.

· Strong communication and social skills;

· English level A2;

· A strong sense of responsibility and empathy;

· Demonstrate initiative and creativity in proposing solutions;

· Work according to current standards and quality standards.

· Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from an EU/EEA country.

· EU/EEA nationality

· Willingness to learn the Dutch language.

What we offer you:

· Permanent, full-time employment (38 hours/week).

· Working hours: cyclical schedule, no shift division. Most common shifts: morning shift (6:30 am – 2:30 pm), late shift (2 pm – 10 pm), night shift (9:30 pm – 7 am), day shift (8 am – 4 pm).

· Interesting leave arrangements. Annually: 29 base days (full-time employment) and 23.5 days (with 80% employment) + age-related days (from 45 years old) + 16 holidays (11 official and legal holidays + 5 local holidays). This combination ensures an ideal balance between work and personal life.

· Attractive remuneration according to the IFIC scale. See annex for salary simulations. An initial monthly salary of €3184– €3411.

· Additionally, an additional performance bonus at the following times:

· Between 7 pm and 8 pm: +20% hourly salary supplement

· From 8 pm to 6 am: +25% hourly salary supplement

· On Saturdays: +50% hourly salary supplement

· On Sundays: +100% hourly salary supplement

· Additional benefits (health insurance, group insurance/second pillar of pensions, maximum bicycle allowance, full refund of public transportation).

· A stimulating and innovative work environment.

· Career progression opportunities within the hospital:

· Launch of “The Breeding Ground”: coaching program for nurse chief candidates.

· Launch of TalentcompASZ: aimed at stimulating employees’ talents so they can be utilized in the workplace.

· Willingness to learn the Dutch language.

Why work with us?

· Career growth possibilities.

· Opportunity to work for a renowned company in the healthcare sector

· Personal development; at EMTG, we believe that each person is unique.

· We respect you as a professional

· Multicultural experience, at EMTG more than 5 different nationalities work.

· Working conditions and salaries within the market.

How to apply for the recruitment program?

Send your CV to the email recruitment@emtg.nl