Award best recruitment agency

What a year it has been…A lot has happened within the company as well as the health sector in general. The office has grown faster than we could have ever imagined! Thank you all so much for going through the journey with us. This year we have also won an award! We are over the moon about having won Best Nursing Staffing & Recruitment Company 2020 award by Global Health and Pharma (GHP). 

It is a great honor for us to end the year with such a wonderful award for the recognition of our recruitment initiatives and tireless efforts that led to EMTG’s growth. We feel that it is especially meaningful because of the incredibly trying year that everyone experienced in the local healthcare industry, not to mention the world! This would not have been possible without the support of our recruiters, coaches, partners and of course the nurses themselves. It is always flattering to hear that others recognize EMTG’s non-traditional approach to recruitment and direct employment offerings. 


GHP is a global information sharing platform & a multi-disciplinary members community. It was established to enhance communication networks and collaboration across 3 main categories within the health sector; Human, Animal & Environmental Health. Whilst membership is organically grown and closely audited, members have tended to fall into a number of general categories; Academia, Industry, Public Bodies & Health Systems, Governments & Policy Makers, Funding Agencies & Groups, Investors and Regulatory & Professional Bodies. 

Their awards are earned by businesses that deliver exceptional quality of service to their clients, are industry leaders or offer a unique approach to the delivery of goods and services. Each business displays an interest in and concern for the healthcare and pharmaceutical community. The GHP team gathers information independently from a variety of publicly sources. These are assessed alongside any material supplied by a nominating party or the nominee themselves. Final judgement is cast based on criteria such as: performance, longevity, growth (sustained or rapid) and any significant innovations or feedback. Regardless of their size, all participants in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards are judged purely on merit to ensure that only the most deserving are acknowledged. 

Thanks to you all we were able to gain industry awareness and establish EMTG as a leader on the Dutch healthcare recruitment field. A special mention of appreciation has to go out to the recruitment team and Academia Neerlandesa who have prepared our nurses to get a head start on Dutch language and culture. Our biggest successes are seeing the nurses develop in their personal and professional life. Nurses join the programme with non-existent Dutch language knowledge but after 12-16 weeks, they can perform their nurse duties in Dutch and independently. Without the help of Academia Neerlandesa this process would not have gone as smoothly. It warms our hearts to see how quickly they integrate into Dutch culture and activities, from biking to making local friends. 

What we learned 

We owe our success to the resilience and adaptation that the staff has shown to new challenges (such as Covid-19). Our recruitment team is very aware that all candidates are highly qualified and motivated to work in the Netherlands. Therefore, EMTG will continue to fulfil nurses’ expectations when making a life-changing decision.  

Communicating regularly with team members, partner institutions and nurses have made it easier to address concerns and help ease difficult situations. EMTG shall remain available on-site and online to help respond quickly to queries and empower the community.  

We would not be where we are today without our wonderful clients and colleagues. Thank you for your continuous effort, support, and congratulations to all of the 2020 GHP Award Winners! 

Should you wish to learn more about EMTG and our procedures, you can always send us questions by mail.  

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