5 Qualities of an EMTG Nurse 

More than a year has passed since healthcare workers around the world, have tirelessly worked on the frontlines to ensure that every patient received the necessary care during the pandemic. Undoubtedly, it has been a very demanding year for all those who work in health care, but especially for nurses. For this reason, and in celebration of International Nurse’s Day on May 12, 2021, we present to you five qualities that make EMTG nurses unique. 

Who are EMTG nurses? 

EMTG nurses are European professionals with a nursing degree who decided to start or continue their professional career in the Netherlands via the Dutch company EMTG. Prior to working in the Netherlands, they take an intensive Dutch language course at Academia Neerlandesa. Upon reaching an intermediate/advanced level, they fly to the Netherlands to expand their nursing career.  

What makes them special? 

Every nurse is special as they have the superpower to heal and make people feel better. They are also the backbone of the healthcare system and therefore deserve more recognition. However, EMTG nurses are even more special as they have other qualities that make them stand out from their colleagues.  


1. Adventurous 

Many nurses that decide to work abroad tend to choose a country where they are familiar with the mainstream language or culture like the United Kingdom. However, EMTG nurses have decided to take another route and explore a small but beautiful country called the Netherlands. They have opted to step outside of their comfort zone to discover a new culture, new systems, and a new language. The later one being one of the most difficult but one that has been mastered within months. Furthermore, their adventurous soul shows the characteristics of someone willing to learn new things and take on new challenges in their daily and professional life.  

2. Excellent speed in learning new things 

Acquiring new knowledge takes time and dedication. Yet, EMTG nurses have shown to excel at learning at a fast pace. Can you imagine learning a new language, being able to communicate in it and work in this language after only 3 months? Well, EMTG nurses have successfully acquired the Dutch language through intense hours of study and help form a great team of teachers. In addition to this, once in the Netherlands, they have quickly adapted to the Dutch protocol and working techniques. Many have even decided to further their training through a nursing specialization in Dutch.  

3. Qualified

All EMTG nurses have a degree in nursing in their home country where they have had to learn the theory but also put it into practice through internshipsIf you are a nurse in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Romania, or Italy, this may seem logical to you. But it must be said that the nursing education programs are not the same all over the world, this makes EMTG nurses stand out from the rest. EMTG nurses not only have the credentials to work in their home country after graduation, but they also have experience in the field before starting their first job. For this reason, the opportunities for foreign nurses in the Netherlands are increasing.  

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4. Resilience

Now more than ever, international nurses have to quickly adapt to changes and pressure in their workplace. However, EMTG nurses had to make an extra additional effort to integrate to a new country and everything that comes along with it. They are people who had left their families to pursue personal and professional goals abroad and have experienced adversities on daily basis but had overcome them. These have been from learning a new language, traditions, protocols, etc. Even though the scenario is not the most desirable for many, EMTG nurses have proven that they are open to changes and are very good at overcoming them and finding alternatives 

 5. Empathy

EMTG nurses have always shown the Dutch healthcare institutions that they are willing to put an extra effort into their patients when it comes to not only understanding their medical needs, but also offering a listening ear. They are caring and empathetic and take the time to engage in small conversations with their patients, an attitude that is always well received. EMTG nurses also have a particular charisma that makes a difference, especially in these times.  

In general, it is admirable that EMTG nurses have stepped outside their comfort zone to try and explore new experiences abroad and quickly learned to adapt and overtake any challenge they might face in addition to their professional duties. Even though starting a new job in a new country and in a foreign language is never easy, with time and dedication they have made this possible. For these reasons, EMTG nurses have proven to possess unique qualities that make their organization and families proud of them.   

Are you ready to become an EMTG nurse? 

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