Nurse in the spotlight – Diana

For this week we have decided to freshen it up by publishing a 1-on-1 interview as part of the series called ¨Nurse in the Spotlight¨. We are excited to finally introduce an EMTG nurse!  It takes some people most of their life to discover what it is that they want to do, but for Diana she always knew that she wanted to be a nurse. She joined the EMTG program in 2020 and works in the south of Netherlands where she combines her desire to help people with her love of city trips Her colleagues describe Diana as an amazing and friendly nurse. Diana is a registered nurse at a Dutch foundation. Today she is going to share her experience in working and living in a new country. Her success serves as a great example of how an engaging nurse can make a difference in the lives of their patients and team members.

Get to know Diana: 

What is your name and age?  

My name is Diana, and I am 23 years old 


Where are you from? 

I am from Portugal, from the city of Braga  


What university did you graduate? 

I studied Nursing in the School of Nursing at the University of Minho.  


Why did you decided to become a nurse? 

My brother was born with a rare syndrome and needed a lot of care. It has always been a motivation of mine to study and work in the field of Nursing. 



Since when do you live/work in the Netherlands and where do you work?  

I have lived in the Netherlands since April 2020 and have worked at a Foundation since May 2020.  


What are some of the duties you have on a day-to-day basis?  

The functions of a Nurse at the institution where I work include hygiene and comfort care, medication administration, food administration, tracheostomy care, secretion aspiration, monitoring vital signs, talking to patients’ relatives, etc.  


How different is the Dutch work culture from your country?  

The work of a nurse at the institution where I work does not differ much from what we do in Portugal.  However, here there are several levels in the nursing career and, therefore, the functions may also differ. 


What do you like the most about your job? 

In general, I like everything I do in my work. However, the fact that I can work with children with special needs, is what I like most. 

The biggest challenge of working as a nurse here is, without a doubt, the language. EMTG continues to accompany us in everything and to help us with what we need.”


When and why did you decided to work in the Netherlands as a nurse? 

I finished my degree in Nursing in July 2019. In November of the same year there was a business fair at the university where I had studied. There I met Ana and, consequently, EMTG. I was very excited about the idea of being able to work as a nurse in the Netherlands, everything was explained to me in the best way. And well, here I am since April 2020. 


What is the biggest challenge(s) to work as a nurse in foreign country? How did you overcome that challenge(s)? 

The biggest challenge of working as a nurse here is, without a doubt, the language. EMTG continues to accompany us in everything and to help us with what we need. So, every week I continued to take Dutch classes with teachers. Undoubtedly an incredible help to continue to improve my language and succeed in my work. 


What are the benefits of working abroad in your professional and personal life? 

Experience and growth, both personal and professional, are the biggest benefits of working abroad. 


The Netherlands 

How’s your life in the Netherlands? What do you do in your free time? 

I have a very calm and peaceful life in the Netherlands. I work an average of 32 hours a week which allows me to have a lot of free time for my things like reading, going for a walk to the city centre and going to the gym. 


What do you like the most from the Netherlands? 

What I like most about the Netherlands is the organization. In general, it is a super organized country, it is incredible. 


What are your future goals in the nursing field in the Netherlands? 

In the future, I would like to be able to work as a nurse in the pediatric ward or in an obstetric ward. 



What message do you have for future nurses that are considering working abroad? 

The message I send to my colleagues who are thinking of embarking on this adventure is that, without a doubt, it will be one of the best life experiences. From the intensive Dutch course at Academia Neerlandesa to the moment we arrived in the Netherlands and start working. 

Take a chance, you won’t regret it!

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Are you interested to work in the Netherlands? 

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