Interview tips for nurses

Need to prepare for a job interview in healthcare? Read on for golden tips.
Have you been invited for a job interview? But do you have no idea how to prepare yourself for the interview and what questions you can expect? No problem. In this blog, our recruiters will share the golden tips for good preparation.

Before the interview
It is useful to know for which kind of interview you have been invited; this determines the type of questions you can expect. An introductory meeting is usually the first conversation and is mainly about your personality, your background and the impression you make. This conversation is meant to get to know each other. The second interview goes into more depth, during this interview you get more professional questions.
Share your resume in advance with the recruiter with whom you have a job interview. Based on your CV, they will discuss your work experience, education and other relevant skills together. Please ensure that your CV only contains relevant information for the position you are applying for.

Questions to prepare for the introductory and job interview
You can only make a first impression once. Therefore, make sure that you are well prepared for your interview. Most of the time, our recruiters will ask the following kind of questions to get a good impression of you as a person and about your work background. Here are some basic questions to guide you:

1. Can you tell us something about yourself?
This sounds simple but think about what you want to say about yourself beforehand. Just be yourself. Briefly tell us your age, place of residence and share your interests.

2. Why do you want to work through EMTG?
Tell about you motivation of why you want to make the switch. Is it because you do not like the local system, want to earn more salary or because you are looking for more challenges? Make it a logical story. Show your reliability, be sincere and passionate.

3. How are you in your daily work?
As recruiters, we try to get a picture of what you are like in your work. On the one hand we form this image by requesting references, on the other by asking questions about how your communication is with colleagues and what is important for you in your work. Do you think it is important to work in a nice team or that there are many career opportunities? Is a work culture with much interaction with stakeholders pleasant for you? Or do you just want to carry out your tasks independently? Based on your answers we may envision what kind of healthcare institution you fit in best.

4. What kind of institutions or departments do you want to work for?
It is not only important that your new employer finds you suitable, but also that you are enthusiastic about your new job. Now is the time to express your wishes. What type of institutions and departments would you like to work for and why? Also tell us exactly what you absolutely do not want to do for work.

Ask questions during the interview
When someone asks about the next steps, it gives us an indication that he/she is really serious. Good questions are then: what does the follow-up procedure look like, will there be a second interview or what kind of documents do I have to submit?
A question that we regularly receive during conversations is ‘How much will I earn?’, a fair question! During the introductory meeting, we will show the salary table for your position and the corresponding gross and net salary. We will scale you on the basis of your position, work experience and diploma. Remember that the questions you may be asked also depend on the flow of the conversation. Put on a smile and show your skills!

Are you a nurse looking for a job in the Netherlands?
The EMTG program may be suitable for you. At EMTG we understand that it can be overwhelming to move to a new country. The program includes an intensive Dutch language course, workshops, interview preparation and a fixed job contract. We place you at a suitable Dutch health care organization. Check out our job page for more information.