Nurse in the Spotlight – Andriana

Meet Andriana, a Greek nurse with a lot of energy and great potential to develop a nursing specialization in the Netherlands. At an early age, she showed a caring instinct with her dolls and thus her parents gifted her a human anatomy encyclopedia. Since then, her road to the nursing field began and she later decided to take her skills abroad. A quick Google search led her to know that EMTG was hiring nurses and so her adventure began. In this interview she will explain what led her to come to the Netherlands. Discover Andriana ‘s  personal and professional journey here:

About You

1. What is your name and age?

My name is Andriana Fakiolli and I am 23 years old.

2. Where are you from?

I am from Greece, specifically from Edessa, but at an early age I moved with my parents to Piraeus.

3. What university did you graduate?

I graduated in October 2020 from the Metropolitan College of Piraeus.

4. Why did you decided to become a nurse?

I have been an unofficial nurse since I can remember caring my parents and my little brother, and throughout my childhood I remember “healing” my baby dolls. My parents, knowing my love for caring at the age of 8-9, offered me a large series of human anatomy encyclopedia. Since then, my interest in this field increased and it became a first choice for me.


Being A Nurse In The Netherlands

5. Since when do you live and work in the Netherlands and where do you work?

I have been living and working in the Netherlands since May 2021 and I work in primary health care.

6. What are some of the duties you have on a day-to-day basis?

Some of the day-to-day tasks of my shift are hygienic care, medication, vital signs, wound care, patient evaluation plan in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team, etc.

7. How different is the Dutch work culture from your country?

Compared to my previous professional experience in Greece, I immediately noticed differences in the operational structure. Here, it is very organized in the provision of quality health care to the patient. The ratio of patients to nurses is smaller and the workload is much less. So, during my shift I spend more time with patients. Something that unfortunately in Greece I was almost never given this opportunity.

8. What do you like the most about your job?

There are two things I like the most about my current job. The first one is the online courses, as in this way I evolve and renew my existing knowledge. Second one is my participation in discussions with an interdisciplinary team to create care and evaluation plans for patients where I am given the opportunity to express my opinion.

Working Abroad

9. When and why did you decided to work in the Netherlands as a nurse?

In November 2020, I started looking for a job in the Netherlands as I had heard from acquaintances that there is a work-life balance combined with high-paying jobs. During my research, I found the EMTG program, and they gave me the opportunity to be here.

10. What is the biggest challenge(s) to work as a nurse in foreign country? How did you overcome those challenge(s)?

My experience in another country with different habits and culture makes me a more mature person and changes me day by day. What makes the transition a little bit more difficult is the language. Nevertheless, in Academia Neerlandesa  I was able to reach a B1 Dutch level, which helped me a lot to adapt to my new environment.

11. What are the benefits of working abroad in your professional and personal life?

I can say without any doubt that the best benefit is the quality of life. As I mentioned before, due to the balance between professional and personal life, I have enough free time for myself. This is possible because I work fewer hours in comparison to when I worked in Greece.


12. How’s your life in the Netherlands? What do you do in your free time?

I would describe my life in the Netherlands as calm. In my free time I try to visit different cities and photograph the beautiful landscapes. I also like to spend my free time with friends either having a barbecue in the garden, or cycling, exploring the surrounding neighborhoods or shopping at the mall.

13. What do you like the most from the Netherlands?

The  beautiful cities and the organization of the country.

14. What are your future goals in the nursing field in the Netherlands?

My future goal in the Netherlands is to specialize in pediatric nursing.


15. What message do you have for future nurses that are considering working abroad?

To those Greek colleagues who are interested in taking the same step I did, I would tell them not to be afraid of changes, to take risks by leaving your life and your loved ones. Look at it as an opportunity to develop your personal and professional life. Remember “No guts, no glory.” – Andriana F.

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