Reasons to Live in the Netherlands

Year after year, expats make the Netherlands their new home and workplace, making the country a hotpot of international cultures and vast work and study opportunities. Perhaps these might not be strong reasons to relocate to the Netherlands, but in this blog, we will share other reasons why foreigners decide to live in the land of bikes and cheese.

Will you be next?

1. Friendly locals

You have probably met some Dutch during your summer travels on the Mediterranean beaches and did you notice their politeness? Well, that doesn’t come as a surprise as they are known to be welcoming, open, and friendly.

If you are new to the neighborhood, chances are that you will likely meet other internationals with whom you will make a match quicker. However, if you live in a small Dutch town, you will be the new one in town and locals will be interested to get to know you. Most expats build relationships with their neighbors through common interests such as sports, cooking or pets. As a matter of fact, there is a Dutch idiom that goes like “Liever een goede buur dan een verre vriend”, meaning “It’s better to have a great neighbor than a distant friend”.

2. Tolerance

Inclusiveness has long been engrained into Dutch society. International restaurants, LGBT bars, brothels, coffee shops, and schools can be found in the same vicinities across the country. As an international this may seem odd but you will discover that Dutch political discourse has created a safe haven for people to do as they please as long as they follow the law.

In addition, the mix of nationalities, cultures, religions and sexual preferences make the Netherlands a perfect place to live, learn and respect other person’s views.

3. Infrastructure

The Netherlands is also known for its excellent infrastructure whilst also having a high developed telecommunications system. The public transportation system is well-structured and offers fast, reliable modes to get from point A to point B. Many busses and taxis are run on electricity which helps in keeping the county green. The roads are also well maintained and offer different lanes for cars, buses and bikes.  Should we add that Schiphol Airport has direct trains to every major city in the Netherlands and that within a 3-hour flight you are anywhere in Europe?

4. Work-Life Balance

In the Netherlands, the average annual work hours amount to 1,430, making it one of lowest in the European Union. Most Dutch companies have flexible work schedules where many employees work between 32 to 36 hours per week. This gives people more precious time to spend with their families or explore the country. It is a country where people tend to become less mentally drained. The work-life balance is one of the top reasons why expats decide to stay.

5. Job Opportunities

As a hub of international companies, the Netherlands is finding new ways to attract highly skilled migrants and entrepreneurs from across the world. Such is the case in the health care field where many European health care professionals migrate to the Netherlands as there is an existing demand for these professions. EMTG health care is a Dutch company that employs nurses, assistant nurses, doctors and psychologists and assist them in their professional experience and integration into the Dutch culture.

Dutch companies offer job stability as job contracts are to be honored. In general, the Dutch laws provide protection for workers to ensure work and income security.

Universal Healthcare System

The Netherlands is known for its universal healthcare system and its great standards. The law requires all adults to have basic insurance. Those that earn less than €31.138 annually have the right to have part of their insurance costs reimbursed through monthly healthcare allowance. Since every citizen has the right to healthcare and must be insured it means that should you need healthcare, you will be taken care of. Your health is taken seriously, so this is yet another reason to choose to live in the Netherlands. Afterall, health is wealth!

Are you a nurse that wants to work abroad in Holland?

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