What to expect when arriving in the Netherlands


The hardest part of moving to another country is always the moment when you leave your home behind. You can feel the excitement and anticipation in your body, you are full of motivation about this new adventure, but then there is this voice inside your head that is afraid of the unknown. What if I don’t like it? What if they don’t accept me? What if I miss my home country? These are thoughts that we all have before moving to a new country. Luckily at EMTG we know that our nurses take a very brave step to come to the Netherlands, and we will do whatever we can to make them feel home.
On the day of arrival, you will be picked up from the airport to be brought to your new home. Here you will be welcomed by your job mentor, who will answer all your questions and who will explain you how to get around in the country. How does the public transportation work? Where can I buy a bike? What can I expect from now on? Your job mentor is here to help you.
Shortly after arrival a training day is planned in which you get to come to the EMTG office. Here you meet the staff of EMTG, see how the company works and get a lot of information about nursing in the Netherlands. In a class organized by 2 job mentors, you will learn what to expect from working as a nurse. We will teach you what the first few weeks of work will look like, give you tips on how to write a good report about a client in Dutch, and who to reach out to if you have questions. We have also gathered a lot of information about some differences in nursing between the Netherlands and other countries. Therefore, we can prepare you for some things that might be different for you and teach you how to find a solution for some situations.
For example: Did you know that there is no hierarchy in the Netherlands, and you can call doctors by their first names? Or that almost everything like schedules and care plans have been digitalized, and you can even trade your shift with an application nowadays? After the training day the job mentor will help the nurses to register in the municipal and all the other administrative things that need to be arranged.
When this is completed, you are ready to go to work! To make sure everything goes well at your new job, we will also go with you to work and help you to integrate until you feel comfortable. You often have follow-up conversations to see how you are doing and you get feedback on how you can improve. During the whole period of your contact, your job mentor will be by your side to guide you in your career.
You will see that after a while of living in the Netherlands, it will feel like your new home, and you realize the hardest part is always the first step. Once you have taken it, everything else will fall into place.

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