What is the EMTG Program?

The EMTG program is a trajectory plan for European healthcare professionals who decide to work in the Netherlands. This program is organized by European Multi Talent Group (EMTG) Healthcare who connects European healthcare professionals with the Dutch healthcare sector. EMTG provides jobs for nurses and assistant nurses at a Dutch health care institution, Dutch language lessons, pick up from airport, support on the field, guidance towards obtaining the Dutch nurse registration, among other services. In this blog we shall explain the whole trajectory so that you (nurses and assistant nurses) have a clear picture of what can be expected.


To start your journey towards the Netherlands you must first check the requirements and upload your CV here. An EMTG Recruiter will then invite you for an intake meeting where you will be able to share your professional experiences and motivations to move abroad. You will also learn more about the job offer in the Netherlands. You will find out the final decision within 10 business days. Interviews will be conducted via online or in-person, when possible.

EMTG Program

Dutch Language and Culture Course

Once you get accepted into the EMTG Program, you will travel to the Academia Neerlandesa campus in Javea, Spain where you will get free accommodation and meals during the Dutch language course. The course lasts between 3 and 4 months, depending on your profession. Together with a group of other international healthcare professionals you will be prepared for integration in the Netherlands through an intensive language and culture course. Upon completion of the course, you will obtain an intermediate Dutch language level that will allow you to have conversations on your daily activities and interact with clients once in the Netherlands. You are now set to fly to the Netherlands!

During your time at Academia Neerlandesa you will also participate in Dutch holiday activities like King’s Days or Sinterklaas and learn more about the Dutch culture. While at the campus, you will also virtually meet your job mentor for the first time. The EMTG job mentor is the person who will be guiding you in your professional life in the Netherlands.

Find out the featured interviews with some EMTG job Mentors in the blog section.

EMTG Program

Relocation to the Netherlands

After arriving in the Netherlands, a representative of EMTG will pick you up at Schiphol Airport and take you to your new home. EMTG will assist you in finding housing so you have a place to stay when arriving without concerns. As a newcomer, you must do a set of things to settle in the Netherlands like getting registered at the city hall, opening a bank account, setting up your insurance, etc. However, EMTG will guide you through this process. You will not be facing this alone.

At Work

You are now ready to start working in the Netherlands! Some of the health care institutions where EMTG nurses and assistant nurses have been allocated are nursing homes, homecare, mental health care centers, care for the disabled, clinics, etc.

During the first weeks, you will receive personal guidance on the field to introduce you to the Dutch work protocols to make you feel more comfortable. For the duration of the contract, an EMTG job mentor will be in in touch with you to help you acclimatize. Furthermore, you will continue to receive free Dutch lessons to prepare for the Dutch State Exam (NT2) and consequently obtain the Dutch Nurse Registration (BIG-Register). The NT2 exam is composed of four sections: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

In many cases, the health care institutions will provide you an education course to continue expanding your knowledge and/or specialization.

EMTG Program

Social Events

Although over the last months, social gatherings have been restricted due to the pandemic, EMTG organizes events for current and former EMTG healthcare professionals in the Netherlands to meet and expand their professional network in the new country. It is also a fantastic opportunity to immerse into the Dutch culture. Some activities that EMTG has hosted have been lunch at a traditional ‘pannekoekenhuis’ and visits to the famous tulip gardens Keukenhof, experiencing the summer on the Dutch lakes on a boat and eating ‘bitter ballen’ and drinking local beer, Christmas parties at a former jail and online quizzes.


The EMTG program is the perfect gateway for qualified nurses and assistant nurses to continue their nursing career in the Netherlands. EMTG understands the needs and offers you the help needed to launch your career in the Netherlands along with a job in the nursing field. This means that besides a job, you will receive free Dutch lessons and professional assistance from the beginning to the end of your contract in the Netherlands.

EMTG has helped over 450 health care professionals relocate to the Netherlands and has experience in the processes to make your transition and integration easier. Working abroad does not have to be complicated.

Are you ready to join the EMTG program? Let EMTG help you build your health care career in The Netherlands. It is simply the greatest country to live and work in as a nursing professional.